The signs of the zodiac by years (2014)

The signs of the zodiac by years


Gouache, lacquer-based paint for nails

The Cock (2005) 6,5-3,5-3,0 cm

The Dog (2006) 4,5-3,0-3,0 cm

The Pig (2007) 5,0-3,5-2,5 cm

The Rat (2008) 4,0-3,0-3,5 cm

The Bull (2009) 5,0-5,0-3,0 cm

The Tiger (2010) 5,5-4,5-2,5 cm

The Hare (2011) 4,0-2,5-3,0 cm

The Dragon (2012) 7,0-6,5-3,5 cm

The Serpent (2013) 4,5-5,0-7,0 cm

The Horse (2014) 6,5-6,0-3,0 cm


“My daughter asked each family member to make a toy for a Christmas tree. And I decided to take this long-term programme for myself. For every New year, I am going to make one new toy. I had to go back a little bit and took as a starting point the year of her wedding.”

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